Your Motivation Makes Any Practice Equally Beneficial to Others

[From a teaching on Essence of Wisdom: Stages of the Path, Part 15, by Lama Tashi Topgyal. Translated by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso.]

Any practice you do that is motivated by the sincere desire to help all beings — whether it is Chenrezig meditation, Guru Rinpoche meditation, meditation on a peaceful deity or a wrathful deity — all will equally help because what makes them help beings is your motivation. When we resolve, “May my every action of body, speech, and mind be helpful and beneficial to others,” then as long as we are acting and practicing with that motivation, then everything we do, especially every practice we do, will help others, especially those to whom we have a close connection, naturally. We have no need to search for any special technique or ritual or ceremony beyond that. We are like people who have a wish-fulfilling jewel in our hands and yet are looking around for some other resource. We have everything we need. We simply need to maintain that motivation.

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